Poptropica Main Screen

Poptropica is an website. It has many secrets.


  • wimpy2012 - Gets you a golden card that has three wimpy kid themed costumes. Originally, enough Poptropicans had to enter the code for the second and third outfits to be unlocked, but enough have done so.
  • applebees12 - Gets you a golden card has has an applebees-themed outfit that, if you are holding the apple and then press spacebar, will cause it to rain Applebees's apples for a few seconds while you say "Applebees!"

Hidden SecretsEdit

  • Hypnotic: On Early Poptropica Island, you can find this costume on the top left window pane of the window on the green tower that has a flower pot.
  • Viking Suit: On Time Tangled Island, you can find this costume in the viking time period at the top of a large stone pillar that is too far and tall to jump to. The only way to reach it is by equiping the Glider you can get by getting Leonado Da Vinci his notebook and run and jump off the right of the platform with the cave enterance until you reach it.

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